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The Team

Carolyn Dunk

Carolyn Dunk is an event production manager in the film festival world, who moonlights as a film production coordinator and occasional AD. Her time working at The Second City Theatre grew her long term appreciation of sketch comedy, while confirming the fact that her talents are much better suited to being behind the camera, or stage. She has worked for several years at the Toronto International Film Festival as the Festival Venues Production Manager, and at Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival as an Events Coordinator and when schedules permit, translates those skills to the film world. Her recent works include the CSA-nominated CBC web comedy, Save Me, and several short films that are currently in the festival circuit. She can be found debating movies on the Let’s Watch podcast and at the cinema in a persistent, yet ineffectual mission to catch up on Oscar movies.

Dave Henning

Dave is a video editor. He has made the very lucrative and adult decision to join a sketch comedy group. You can find him yelling at your petulant children to stop running on local pool decks.

Ned - Headshot (Blue Shirt).jpg

Ned Petrie


Ned Petrie is an actor, writer, and six-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee. He's currently writes sketches for the kid's comedy podcast The Plop (Kelly & Kelly) and is a regular on the animated series Ollie's Pack (Nickelodeon / YTV) and Doomsday Brothers (Adult Swim Canada). Previously, Ned was a writer and voice actor on Night Sweats (Adult Swim Canada) before playing a range of characters on series such as Gary & His Demons (SyFy / CBC Gem) and Doomlands (Quibi).When not working behind a microphone, Ned is a writer and performer in the world of comedy. As a live act, he’s been featured at Just For Laughs Toronto, Toronto Sketchfest, SketchfestNYC, Montreal Sketchfest, NXNE, and various other comedy arts festivals. Off-stage, Ned contributes satire and humour writing to The Beaverton, CBC Comedy, and CBC Radio’s Day 6. He also once developed game show with CBC Radio that was rejected, in part, for "crimes against comedy" (this really happened).

Chris Seeney pic.jpg

Christopher D. Seeney

Chris is a founding member of Cookie Biscuits, which probably doesn't need to be mentioned but SOMEONE KEEPS QUESTIONING HIS AUTHORITY, DAVE!

Chris has graduated from The Second City conservatory program and has been a member of several Assembly grad teams including Scam Algie who performs regularly at The Bad Dog theatre to sold out audiences, SO HE DOESN'T NEED TO BE DOING THESE FUCKING SKETCHES FOR 30 VIEWS ON YOUTUBE, DAVE!!!

You can currently catch Chris playing Tony Stark aka Iron Man in MCU Improvised at The Social Capital theatre.



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