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10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Should Be President

…based on his name alone.

Written by Christopher D. Seeney (Canadian) and Adam Fawns (Aussie)


Reason 10: Urban Dictionary

“Bernie” is “A very attractive person, about 5 foot 2.”

“Sander” is “A guy who is almost too sexy, ya know, like he ain’t from this earth.”


Reason 9: Great nicknames and catchphrases

He gives Republicans a “sick Bern”.

His ring-tone is “Enter the Sandman”.

Drumpf could call him “Mr. President”.


Reason 8: Adam Sandler Could Play Him

Then someone somewhere would have to read the phrase, “Sandler is …Sanders” –right?

Their names are similar.


Reason 7: Every guest who stays over at the White House

could say they’re having a “Weekend at Bernie’s”.


Reason 6:

Reminds you of fried chicken, without the white supremacy.


Reason 5: High-word scores in Scrabble

If you had the letters “berniesanders”, you could make;

Beeriness – 11, Serenaders – 11, and Naseberries – 13.


Reason 4:

Isn’t named after a duck.


Reason 3: Rap-battle gold-mine.

Bernie: journey, her-knee, state’s attorney.

Sanders; Flanders, commanders, highlanders.

Trump: lump, dump, sump.


Reason 2: His initials flip a flip-off.

When naysayers claim “you’re talking B.S.”,

you can proudly say “YES I AM”.


Reason 1: it isn’t Trump.

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